Review: Frida


Title: Frida
MPA Rating: R
Director: Carla Gutierrez
Starring: Frida Kahlo
Runtime: 1 hr 27 mins

What It Is: Frida Kahlo is one of the art worlds most influential artists of the early to mid twentieth century. The Mexican artist, who was married to fellow Mexican artist Diego Rivera was very much a woman out of time. Her feelings on things like art and sex would fit right along with current liberal leanings. We get to experience what it was to BE Frida rather than having to guess. She tells us, in her own beautifully written words all of her thoughts and feelings. We, the audience, are along for a phenomenal ride.

What We Think: If you had thoughts about who Frida was this film confirms exactly whom she was as a person. A rebel, lover, and artist. One the likes of which the world has never, and will never, see again. There a one of a kind energy to hearing her words. Director Carla Gutierrez compiles, and beautifully so, the journal and diary entries and couples them with absolutely gorgeous visuals. Some of the shot in this are literally Frida’s paintings animated to show the emotion not expressly shown in the painting itself.

Our Grade: A, I need more projects like this. Projects that show the true nature of an artist. Through their own words, own feelings we grow to know more about them. It such a refreshing and beautiful look at one of my personal favorite artists. A woman all her own. Someone who made art out of necessity…not profit. But also definitely for profit once her no-good-two-timing husband Diego left. It can be difficult to show someones life who lived it with the vivacity and technicolor touch Frida did. All praise goes to Carla Gutierrez for the exceptional work done by her and her editing and crew. A truly excellent documentary that needs to be shown in art school from K-12 to prost-grad. Prime Video knocked it out of the park with this one!


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