Review: The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare


Title: The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
MPA Rating: R
Director: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Henry Cavill, Alan Ritchson, Alex Pettyfer
Runtime: 2 hrs

What It Is: During World War II a small covert British military group of highly skilled soldiers create an offense against the German militaries most important weapon. The batteries that charge their notorious U-Boats. This ragtag group includes some not so savory characters. Now they will be behind enemy lines in order to execute a dangerous and wild plan that offers them no safety even after it is finished. Based on the harroeing true story.

What We Think: Guy Ritchie always has a way of making these action films with just enough personality. Normally this is found in the characters. That’s the exact same situation occurring here. Without the charm of Henry Cavill and crew this just doesn’t work. Ritchie sort of let’s that charm breath and the jokes and situations flow free. That said it is in those moments when this film thrives. Sadly Ritchie has to go and mess it all up by just trying to be too cute in his direction. Some of the scenes had that pizzazz but not enough of this was interesting enough to hold my attention for the bloated 2 hour runtime.

Our Grade: B, I liked this. It was a fun ride and Guy Ritchie can still pull out a little magic every now and then. This is some of the most surprisingly fun times you can have with World War II. Eiza Gonzalez is a stunner and she’s got all the charm in the world here. Nice to see friend of the site Cary Elwes in anything ever. Also the fact that these events, to some extent actually happened is insane. From premise alone you’d think there’s literally no way this is true at all. And though the events are fictional they’re based on the real Operation Postmaster. Check this one out it is a very fun time.


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