Review: Walk of Shame


Title: Walk of Shame
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Steven Brill
Starring: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Meghan Miles (Banks) is a news anchor at KZLA who has the chance of a lifetime working for national network CBA as their primary news person. The job is down to her and one other anchor our of San Francisco. When the other person is given the job, and her fiance leaves her all in one fell swoop Meghan is left to drown her sorrows. In doing so she goes out with her friends (Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright) to a bar it is here she meets bartender Gordon (Marsden) and well…coital! When she wakes up still at his apartment, and freaked out by a cat she leave behind her phone, her car gets towed etc. And now she prepares for an interesting day!

What We Think: Elizabeth Banks is normally charming and funny even with the worst material (I’m looking at you Meet Dave.) but this trumps even that steaming pile. The jokes are unfunny, and the only thing fantastic is how they fail to miss so. Brill is flat and uninspired, but given his track record of sub-par Adam Sandler vehicles this is totally understood (we still maintain Ready to Rumble as a guilty pleasure!) When you look at what the film gets right it’s the casting theirs plenty of comedians here sadly however none of them seem to hit the bulls-eye when it comes to the laughs.
Our Grade: F, This is a first since our move to Blogger, and what a catastrophe this one is! When did it become okay to make a film with crappy jokes and pass those off as entertaining. It’s neutered screenplay tempered what looked to have potential, and really bad sex jokes just make the best friend characters one dimensional and banal. With it’s roots solely in the fecal matter you’d think this would grow into something good, but here’s a situation where everything doesn’t come up smelling like roses.


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