Box Office: Spidey Traps Everything in His Web


Swinging into theaters this weekends was The Amazing Spiderman 2 the Marc Webb directed sequel racked in 92 million dollar in this it’s opening weekend. This total is down from last months Marvel entry Captain America: Winter Soldier this is nothing to sneeze at as it handily won the weekend. Spiderman’s only new film competition came from limited release films Belle (105 k on 4 theaters.) and the Elizabeth Bank’s vehicle Walk of Shame (38 k on 51 screens). So really no competition.

Finishing second was last week top film the girl power comedy The Other Woman which made 14.2 million. That 77.8 million dollar discrepancy is not the highest discrepancy in box office history back in 2012 Marvel’s The Avengers raked in a total of 207.4 million dollars in it’s debut week, while Think Like A Man finished second in it’s third week of release with 8.1 million.

Third place saw the Christian based film Heaven is for Real put up another 8.7 million bringing it’s total to 65.6 million on a meger 12 million dollar budget. Finishing up the top five are Captain America: The Winter Soldier in it’s fifth week pulling another 7.7 bringing it’s 5 week run to an impressive 237 million inching ever closer to LEGO Movie’s crown atop the 2014 box office.

Opening this week we have Neighbors and Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return as well as smaller films Chef, and God’s Pocket and festival favorites The Double starring Jesse Eisenberg, and Palo Alto featuring James Franco and Emma Roberts. So which film if any can take down Spiderman? Let us know!

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