Sons of Anarchy: The Last Ride Episode 2


Show: Sons of Anrachy
Title: Toil and Till
Network: FX
Airtime: Tuesdays, 10 pm
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Segal, Tommy Flanagan

What It Is: After last weeks rather cutting finale we have the table set for some fireworks, but what’s Jax’ endgame here. We find out exactly what Mr. President has in store. He has a plan that most certainly threatens the balance of things in and around the San Joaquin Valley. Whether it’s flubbing  up everything that’s already been established, or trying take vengeance on the people he thinks murdered his wife Tara it seems as if Jax is embracing the dark side of the force. All the while Juice was discovered by the new Charming PD investigator Wayne Unser. Now knowing this Gemma has moved him to another secluded location. Things are heating up in the street. Will all out war get to the Charming borders.

What We Think: Though it’s truly compelling I feel as though Jax’s intent is a tad overboard. Why isn’t he trying to pry into the evidence, or anything else further. You understand his grief COULD make him both irrational and self destructive, but come on its a tad over exaggerated. Juice getting off Scot free is interesting though something tells me he’ll get his just…juices. Meanwhile we’ve met the new sheriff and she’s done her homework in regards to the MC’s past discretions. Let’s see how that plays out.

Our Grade: B+, It struggles getting off the ground this week and doesn’t pack near the punch it’s premiere did. Having said that it’s still gripping enough to hold your attention, and really move along the narrative of this final ride.

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