Review: Entanglement


Title: Entanglement
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jason James
Starring: Thomas MiddleditchJess WeixlerDiana Bang
Runtime: 1 hr 25 mins

What It Is: When (Middleditch) Ben attempts to kill himself in a bathtub following his wife leaving him he is saved when a courier comes to deliver some paper to his home. Those papers however…were divorce papers. Now Ben moves through life as almost a specter. That is until he meets a mysterious girl named Hanna (Weixler) who is also a girl that could’ve been his sister. You see on the exact same day Ben’s parents found out about his impending birth on the same day they were due to bring home Hanna. Now Ben finds himself possibly falling for his almost sister.

What We Think: I loved this film! It’s unique spin on well-traveled narrative elements. Thomas Middleditch is really good and it’s fantastic to see him in roles like this or Joshy where he can really show his chops. A step outside of the comfort of Silicon Valley, much like his fellow castmates Kumail Nanjiani (who’s current breakout thanks to his film The Big Sick). Likewise, Martin Starr seems to be familiarizing himself with these surroundings. Regardless both Middleditch and Weixler are excellent and the best part is they aren’t the best part of the film itself.

Our Grade: A-, When it’s all said and done and the dust settles on this movie the ending is brilliant! Remember just like 25 words ago when I told you something and that regardless, of opinions I stand by them. Diana Bang gives a brilliant portrayal! Middleditch’s performance was at the heart and really moved everything. Back to Bang though, who I don’t think gets the recognition she deserves. Weixler brings a certain charm that you cannot help but love. It’s her dynamic with Middleditch though that feels real and authentic.

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