Review: 7 Days (Tribeca 2021)

Title: 7 Days
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Roshan Sethi
Starring: Geraldine Vishwanathan, Karan Soni, Zenobia Shroff
Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins

What It Is: Rita (Vishwanathan) is a traditional Indian girl…we think. Ravi (Soni) is a traditional Indian guy…confirmed. Ravi’s mom keeps sending him on dates with Indian girls in order for him to find a suitable wife. Rita’s mom keeps sending her on dates with nice Indian boys in order to find her a husband. When the two meet and go on a date things go…not well. As COVID-19 begins to sink in the two are stuck in quarantine for 7 days. What’s the worst that could happen?

What We Think: Not only do the two leads have immense chemistry I love them together. Geraldine Vishwanathan isn’t a traditional “romcom” love interest and neither is Soni yet both are so wonderfully good together. Let’s make good chemistry between two people the normal for “romcoms”. These people feel real and that’s because of the great script (written by Sethi and Soni) one that creates situations that isn’t “convenient” for the formula but instead works for where the characters are.  With Vishwanathan, she’s always fantastic. She stole Blockers and in her first “romcom” role was excellent in The Broken Hearts Gallery. As a person not of Indian descent, I can’t speak for the stereotypes and if they’re negative or truthful. What I can say is that the comedy worked and I had an amazing time with this film.

Our Grade: A, This is without a doubt one of the better entries into the “romcom” genre over the last several years. It’s got heart it’s funny and it makes the best of the COVID-19 situation with which it had to be created. Smart writing is the vehicle here and as I’ve said several times that’s always the catalyst for a great film. That’s what this is. A fantastic film with heart, beautifully directed and excellently crafted.


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